Mouse Dog Bird is an Experimental indie-folk band / solo project from Phoenix, AZ. It is the principal recording/performing vehicle for Johnny Raincloud, A songwriter who grew up in and began crafting his style and musical approach in downtown Phoenix spots like The Willow House, Modified Arts and The Trunk Space.

He Studied art and music at University, then returned to Phoenix with a clear artistic goal. His art was going to be simply what he always was. His life, what he sees, what actually happened to him, and most importantly how all those things made him feel.

His sound is focused around minimalism - simply structured songs with grand haunting melodies that kick you in the chest.  The writing is simply the documentation of life, with all the pain, sorrow, and occasional triumphs.

Mouse Dog Bird Is a collaboration of ghosts. Johnny sometimes performs with acoustic guitar only, sometimes hollow bodied electric guitar layered over digital synths and analog cassette tape loops. John sings in falsetto and utilizes his lower range to create beautiful aching melodies and deeply personal lyrical structures.  Mouse Dog Bird has received musical comparisons to GSY!BE, Sigur Ros, and Elliot Smith.


Mouse Dog Bird is currently booking shows in AZ.



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New album Endling to be released on Dec 16th 2019. This album died on a bad hard drive and was brought back to life using test mp3 renders. Although it won't sound as polished as I intended, it will keep the important unreproducible aspects of the intimate home recording. Here is a song from the album that I wrote in memory of a friend - Julie        --JR

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Mouse Dog Bird
Mouse Dog Bird Live
Live at The Grand
Live at the Trunk Space
Mouse Dog Bird Live
Mouse Dog Bird live
MDB Live
Mouse Dog Bird Live

We are very excited to have released a new album titled "Endling" this Dec 16th 2019 on all major streaming channels. We have released a song from the album titled Julie. All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to The Arizona Humane Society

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12/16/19 We have released a new album titled "Endling".Listen on Spotify and all major streaming services now


Mouse Dog Bird